The office was established in 1994 and originally specialized in commercial law. In 1996, it was transformed into a general law firm. Given this rich experience and close cooperation with the law firm in Bratislava, we are able to provide legal services in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic. In private law, we focus on civil and commercial law, and in public law we focus on criminal law, administrative infractions, and administrative law. Thanks to cooperation with tax consultants, auditors, notaries, enforcement officers and experts, we can offer a comprehensive solution to your problem.

We represent our clients before courts of all instances in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic, including constitutional courts, European courts and arbitration courts. Our team provides legal services in Czech, Slovak, English and French. We insist on professionalism and discretion in accordance with the obligations arising from applicable laws and professional regulations. Our aim is to provide fast and high quality assistance to the client. We provide legal services for citizens, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and foreign entities.


Office in Brno – centre Pellicova 2c, 602 00 Brno Cell phone: +420 605 255 747
Office in Brno – Kohoutovice Talichova 34, 623 00 Brno Cell phone: +420 603 813 645
Pobočka Rosice Javorová 1684, 665 01 Rosice Cell phone: +420 605 255 747


We provide legal services namely in the following fields of the Czech and Slovak law:

01Commercial law

  • Law of commercial corporations and cooperatives
  • Formation of commercial corporations and cooperatives with an option of establishing a registered office in CR and SR
  • Mergers, split-offs, transfers of assets and other corporate changes
  • Law of obligations
  • Recovery of claims
  • Liquidation of corporations and cooperatives
  • Law of securities

02Civil law

  • Divorce, children care, joint assets of spouses, maintenance obligations etc.
  • Real estate law
  • Consumer protection
  • Rights in rem to third party’s property
  • Intestate law
  • Recovery of claims
  • Law of obligations
  • Compensations for property and non-property damage, unjust enrichment

03Labour law

  • Representation in employment disputes
  • Compensation for damage, accidents at work, occupational diseases and compensation for loss of earnings
  • Employment contracts and agreements on works performed outside employment
  • Changes and termination of employment relationship

04Criminal law

  • Defence in criminal proceedings
  • Representation of injured parties in criminal proceedings
  • Property and economic criminal activities
  • Traffic accidents
  • Criminal complaints

05Insolvency law

  • Bankruptcy, restructuring, debt relief schemes
  • Claims registration
  • Incidental disputes

06Administrative law

  • Representation before administrative courts of all instances
  • Representation in infringement procedure
  • Representation before administrative bodies (Land Register Offices, Trading Offices etc.)


  • Signature authentications
  • Document conversion
  • Lawyer’s escrow services